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Foremost Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant in Pearland

Discover jewelry for any type of occasion here at Inner-City Fashion Jewelry By Deyenne. Are you looking for bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces at a cheap price? Then all you need to do is contact me today. Find me in Pearland and come with your friends to browse through my large Paparazzi jewelry collection to find that special gift for yourself, your family or your friends. You can also have a look on my website. Contact me today on +18323743994 for more information.

Paparazzi Accessories

At Inner-City Fashion Jewelry By Deyenne every piece of jewelry is sold for $5. Paparazzi products are lead and nickel free, and the designs are constantly changing. Each of the products is well designed and manufactured to a very high standard, with complete attention to detail. This ensures that when you purchase it you are completely delighted with your beautiful new statement piece. In addition, you can let me organise a personalised Paparazzi party in your own home with your friends. Contact me for further enquiries.


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